St. Patrick's Day Parade
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered by this list, feel free to let us know. You can find contact information at our Contact Us page.

Q: When and where is the parade?
A: Saturday, March 16, 2024, starting at 12:00 PM  at 20th and Market streets. See the Parade Route for a map.

Q: Do I have to be Irish to enjoy the parade?
A: Yes, but fortunately, everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! (And by the special dispensation of St. Patrick, the duration of this miracle extends backward in time to the previous Saturday, which is when the parade takes place every year.)

Q: Will the weather be nice for this year’s parade?
A: Absolutely and to increase that likelihood, We have placed a prayer request with the Pink Sisters! But just to be sure, click here to check out the forecast!

Q: How can I get downtown to see the parade?
A: Visit our Getting Around section, which details the parking and transportation options.

Q: May I bring a cooler to the parade?
A: Yes, with restrictions. Glass containers are not allowed in coolers. We also suggest that you not bring alcoholic beverages in your coolers. You are requested to only bring a personal-sized cooler, as well. Leave the refrigerator-sized one at home this time. Also, subject to the direction of city ordinances and the police department, coolers may be searched and/or confiscated. Your cooperation with the police department is thereby requested.

Q: May I set up a PARTY TENT and barbecue pit?
A: Yes, as long as you follow some simple guidelines: YOUR TENT CAN NOT BE LARGER THAN 10X10. Your tent can not be located closer to the sidewalk than 20 FEET. Groups are not allowed to block the normal flow of the sidewalk or stake out a curb area with fencing. CHARCOAL BURNING Barbecues are allowed, but should be behind the tent, so that the smoke doesn’t annoy the other spectators, and for safety’s sake. If you have large groups please see IRISH CLAN TENTS. NOTE: Aloe Plaza from 20th to 18th is a NO TENT AND NO RESERVED SPACE ZONE.

Q: Will food and drink be available at the parade?
A: Yes. As described on the Parade Route page, food and refreshments will be sold by downtown and St. Louis area businesses. They’ll be serving soft drinks, hot dogs, burgers, and bratwurst, along with snacks, novelties, and beer. You’ll find them at many intersections, parks, and our Entertainment Areas.

Q: Is there a viewing area for disabled people and/or military veterans?
A: Yes. Yes. A special viewing area for disabled people and military veterans will be set up on the North side of Market Street, between 13th and 14th streets. On the 14th Street end of the block, there will be bleachers. On the 13th Street end of the block there will be no bleachers, but there will be some chairs available on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit the Parade Route page for more details.

Q: Are pets allowed at the parade? May we walk with our pet, if we are in the parade?
A: Because of the size of the audience, and for safety’s sake, you should leave your pets at home. And, sorry, unless your group is entered as an animal unit in the parade, pets are not allowed to accompany you in the parade.

Q: Can tickets be purchased for the parade reviewing stand?
A: No. Tickets are not sold for the reviewing stand. It is reserved for honored guests and members of the Metropolitan St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee. We invite you to become a member of the committee, though. Contact our Membership Coordinator for more details.

Q: Can my family and I have a personal restroom facility (Porta John) on the route?
A: “In the event you would like to have your very own rest room facility for your family and friends, you must utilize our pre-approved vendor, Johnny on the Spot. They can be reached at 314 863 8874.  Please make sure to utilize this vendor. In the event you choose to utilize another vendor, the unit will be removed from the route at your expense.

Q: When can we reserve our spots to view the parade?
A: The City has a few rules about reserving areas to view the parade. The good news is there aren’t too many.

  1. You may not set up before Thursday prior to the parade.
  2. If you use stakes you must use 12 to 18-inch wooden stakes.
  3. Stakes cannot go more than 4 inches in the ground.
  4. Follow the rules and everyone has a good time.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions?
A: Send us an email question. You can find contact information at our Contact Us page.