St. Patrick's Day

The parade begins at 12:00 PM at Aloe Plaza (20th and Market) and then travels east on Market, to it’s conclusion at 8th and Market.


Food and drink will be sold at numerous locations along the parade route, serving soft drinks, hot dogs, burgers, and bratwurst, along with snacks, novelties, and beer. In addition, visit Irish Village at Ballpark Village, for food, fun, and entertainment all day long.

Viewing for the Disabled & Veterans

A special viewing area for Military Veterans and disabled guests will open at 10:30 AM on the north side of Market Street directly in front of Soldiers Memorial Military Museum and Poelker Park (Between 13th and 14th streets). The area is “fenced off” by bike racks, protecting attendees from jostling crowds, and includes wheelchair accessible port-o-potties.

Parking: For Military Veterans and disabled guests with ‘Disabled Placards’ who intend to view the parade from this designated area, parking will be available on 13th and 14th streets between Chestnut and Market Streets.

PLEASE NOTE: If you park in this area, your vehicle must be moved by 2 pm, when traffic will return to normal operation on these blocks. Additional disabled parking spots are available on 13th street north of Chestnut.

Seating: On the 14th Street end of the block, there will be bleachers. On the 13th Street end of the block there will be no bleachers, but there will be some chairs available on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage attendees to bring their own chairs.

If you have additional questions about disabled viewing area, feel free to email the Coordinator of Viewing for the Disabled.

Welcome to Free Speech Zone!

Located in the northeast corner of Poelker Park at Tucker and Chestnut, our Free Speech Zone is a dedicated space for you to exercise your right to free speech and express your opinions freely.

What can you do at the Free Speech Zone?

  • Express Yourself: Whether you have a message to share, an idea to discuss, or a cause to support, the Free Speech Zone is the perfect place to make your voice heard.

  • Engage with Others: Connect with like-minded individuals, engage in meaningful discussions, and exchange ideas in a respectful and inclusive environment.

  • Learn and Grow: Explore diverse perspectives, learn from others, and broaden your understanding of the world around you.

Why is Free Speech Important?

Free speech is essential for a democratic society. It allows us to challenge authority, advocate for change, and ensure that diverse voices are heard. By protecting free speech, we uphold the principles of democracy and create a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Join Us at the Free Speech Zone!

Whether you’re a seasoned activist, a curious bystander, or someone looking to connect with others, the Free Speech Zone welcomes you. Come visit us at the northeast corner of Poelker Park at Tucker and Chestnut and be part of the conversation!

Lost Parents/Children

Should parents and children get separated, please advise a parade volunteer in your area, who will contact Parade Emergency Services. Lost children may be taken to Emergency Services headquarters until their parents are located.

Getting Around

Traveling to the parade is always something to plan for ahead of time. To assist you with your travel plans, consult the Getting Around section of our website.