St. Patrick's Day

The parade begins at 12:00 PM at Aloe Plaza (20th and Market) and then travels east on Market, to it’s conclusion at Broadway and Clark.


Food and drink will be sold at numerous locations along the parade route, serving soft drinks, hot dogs, burgers, and bratwurst, along with snacks, novelties, and beer. In addition, visit Irish Village at Ballpark Village, for food, fun, and entertainment all day long.

Viewing for the Disabled

A special viewing area for disabled guests will open at 10:30 AM at the southeast corner of 8th and Market streets. The area is “fenced off” by bike racks, protecting attendees from jostling crowds, and includes two wheelchair accessible port-o-potties, as well as some chairs, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are neither bleachers nor risers; please bring your own chairs. The area is in the shade and can be quite chilly, so be sure to dress in weather appropriate layers. Disabled guests can park for free on 8th Street, south of Market, with a Disabled Parking permit only. Additional disabled parking, for a fee, is available in the Stadium West Garage, at 8th and Walnut streets. If you have additional questions about disabled viewing area, feel free to email the Coordinator of Viewing for the Disabled.

Lost Parents/Children

Should parents and children get separated, please advise a parade volunteer in your area, who will contact Parade Emergency Services. Lost children may be taken to Emergency Services headquarters until their parents are located.

Getting Around

Traveling to the parade is always something to plan for ahead of time. To assist you with your travel plans, consult the Getting Around section of our website.